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Comcast RISE Offers Marketing and Technology to BIPOC Small Businesses

Comcast Corporation is bringing marketing and technology resources to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-owned businesses. The initiative, designed for small businesses, is entering its second phase of eligibility and is looking to assist businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comcast RISE, an acronym meaning Representation, Investment, Strength and Empowerment, launched its first phase in October to emphasize Black-owned small businesses. The program is expanding its reach to include small businesses owned by People of Color and Indigenous to assist during these unprecedented times.

Marrying two of the company’s brands, Effectv and Comcast Business, the RISE program seeks to give small business owners the tools and knowledge necessary to survive the pandemic. Based on their individual need, select businesses will receive consulting, media, and production services from Effectv or technological upgrades through Comcast Business.

The advertising sales entity of Comcast Cable, Effectv assists advertisers on the local, regional, and national scale to develop their businesses through digital mediums and the gift of television. Comcast Business lends its help through television, Ethernet, Internet, Voice services, and WiFi. Noted as the nation’s largest cable provider to small and mid-sized businesses, Comcast Business also provides Managed Enterprise Solutions for companies looking to revamp.

The first phase of reward recipients included over 700 businesses in total and had 39 companies in Michigan. RISE will provide essential services such as a 90-day tv media campaign, 30-second commercial production, and computer equipment and internet, along with one year of voice and cybersecurity services.

The RISE program will also offer business resources for curated content through its X1 platform. Complete with tips, news, and insights, the X1 platform destination will help these small businesses flourish through education, inspiration, and entertainment.

Continuing to provide economic assistance to small businesses impacted by the pandemic, RISE is unveiling its plan for 2021. Next year, Comcast will award grants for up to 10,000 dollars for companies that have been open for three to five years and are based in the United States.

Birthed from Comcast NBCUniversal’s multi-year 100 million dollar plan for diversity, inclusion, and equality, Comcast RISE gives small businesses of color the chance to thrive in an unstable economy by distributing 75 million dollars in cash and 25 million dollars in media over the next three years; the program is fighting injustice and inequality for all, no matter of race, gender or ability.

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Appeared first in the Michigan Chronicle. 

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