About Who's Who In Black

Welcome to Who’s Who In Black. Here we celebrate everything black all day, every day. Since 1989, we’ve made our sole focus the celebration and elevation of black culture, black achievement and black people. We recognized the deficit of mainstream media’s inclusion of the stories that truly reflect who we are as a people. We are professionals, leaders, thinkers, and creators. We make magic happen every day we wake up.
Who’s Who In Black is a space for our people to network, build and elevate each other to their highest potential. We know that we are stronger together, that our collective voice cannot be silenced, that our movements create ripples around the world. We pay homage to the sacrifices of our ancestors as we clear the path for the future for our descendants.
We have touchpoints in over 30 markets, produced nearly 200 custom editions and have garnered the respect of some of the most respected leaders of our generation.
From our signature unveiling celebrations to our specialized content and our access to the who’s who in black America; we are the ultimate networking platform for black people across every major field of endeavor.

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