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What New Workforce Dynamics Mean for Black Professionals

The last two years have resulted in a paradigm shift in the global workforce. The pandemic drastically changed behavioral norms– and businesses and employees alike had to adjust to the new rules of corporate America. Businesses had to identify ways to retain productive employees, particularly during the “Great Resignation of 2021 which saw thousands of employees exit the workforce to seek better working conditions, compensation, and opportunities. As corporations...

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Somos, Inc. Announces Hiring of Antonio Anderson as Vice President, Information Security & IT

Somos, Inc., a leading registry management and data solutions company, today announced the hiring of Antonio Anderson as its Vice President, Information Security & IT. Mr. Anderson will lead the information security program for Somos with a focus on implementing modern security policies and practices to safeguard the organization's most critical information. "As a company underpinned by innovation built on trust, Somos is keenly aware of the importance of...

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Black mortgage applicants are denied 84% more often than whites

The Black homeownership rate that ticked up before the pandemic has again begun to fall, spurred by a widening mortgage approval gap between Black and white applicants. A Zillow analysis of data from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)1 shows that while overall denial rates have decreased, Black applicants are increasingly more likely than white borrowers to be denied a mortgage. Black applicants are denied a mortgage at a rate 84% higher...

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UrbanGeekz partners with Finance Savvy CEO to Empower Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

UrbanGeekz has teamed up with Finance Savvy CEO in a new partnership to support women and minority-owned startups. The Atlanta-based firms are collaborating to boost the financial health of this growing demographic. It comes as research increasingly shows that founders who benefit the most from business financial literacy skills are also the same groups that face the biggest barriers. In this brand-new alliance, UrbanGeekz has will provide 5 full-ride scholarships to the Finance Savvy CEO™...

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Gene Wade named CEO of the Propel Center, a new HBCU technology and learning hub dedicated to preparing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs

The Propel Center, the global HBCU technology and learning hub intended to level the playing field and open greater doors of opportunity for their students, has announced the naming of respected social entrepreneur and education advocate Gene Wade as chief executive officer.    Wade most recently served as Founder and CEO of Honors Pathway in Oakland, California, a social venture that enabled low-income students to attend their first year of college at no...

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Black Influencers Earn 35 Percent Less than White Influencers, Nearly Half Report that their Race Contributed to an Offer Below Market Value

Since social media has existed, people have reached online fame based on what they post to their profile. Through apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, some accounts have gained hundreds of thousands of followers and reached what is commonly known as influencer status. Within the past few years, influencers have started to monetize their following with companies who pay them to post ad-related content. Influencers have also been...

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