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Marie Hunter

In 2008, the unstable economic situation of both Maries industry and the nation left her without a job, but not without a plan.  She and her father, George Mathis, had eyed the petroleum industry with interest for years.   

No one could miss the fact that oil and oil products  dominated the economy, and even individual lives; because of the rise and fall of prices at gasoline stations.   But Marie wanted to know about the business opportunities that existed beyond the pump.  The answers she found to her questions launched KRG Oil company in 2009 

Marie Hunter is the owner and President of KRG Oil Company. KRG Oil Company is a Wholesale fuel supplier that specializes in the on-site delivery of Wholesale Petroleum and Petroleum products which includes, diesel fuel, gasoline, oils, lubricants, bio-diesel and various petroleum products that are environmentally friendly. KRG Oil is female /minority owned and also a certified DBE firm. Marie has over 20yrs of experience in the customer service industry and over 10 years in the petroleum industry. KRG was started in 2009 with Marie and her father George Mathis and with diligence and relationship building Ms. Hunter has been able to grow KRG Oil into a multi faceted operation. KRG Oil is one of the only few female and minority owned and operated fuel companies across the country. As of 2018, KRG Oil Company has been able to acquire strategic partnerships for growth and expansion. One of those strategic partners is with Southern Petroleum Resources, another petroleum firm, that will serve as a conduit for KRG Oil Company to scale into several states and even internationally in the near future.    

 As of now, KRG Oil is proudly participating in one of the largest road contracts in the history of the state of Georgia amongst a series of other projects 

Marie is a Graduate of The University of Georgias Grady College of Journalism where she majored in Telecommunication Arts with an emphasis in Film/Television and a Minor in Dance Education.  She has an extensive Performing Arts background and over 20 yrs. as a Dance Instructor and choreographer. She proudly sits on the board of the non-profit organization Artportunity Knocks. Marie Hunter is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and through KRG she is a recent graduate of The 10,000 Small business program through Goldman Sachs and Babson College, LaunchPad 2x with Bernie Dixon, and the Mary Parker Foundation F.A.C.S. business program.