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Father-Son Duo Start First Black-Owned Athletic Supply Company In History

Courtesy of Black Information Network

A father-son duo has made history after launching the first-ever Black-owned athletic supply company, Black Enterprise reports.

Oronde Booker and his 14-year-old son Kendall are the founders of Book Dawg Sports, an Atlanta-based sporting goods company.

After years of supporting Kendall at sports practices and games, Oronde noticed that all of the equipment used by teams was developed by four major companies, none of which were Black-owned.

The father was inspired to create a company with his son that could join the ranks of other major suppliers of athletic products.

“When thinking about sports, it’s likely that several Black stars across all sports — basketball, football, tennis, or soccer — come to mind easily,” Oronde said. “Black people have contributed much to sports, attracting fans and diverse audiences, redefining the game and helping shape its culture, yet so few are found ‘behind the ball,’ particularly when looking at industries like sports equipment.”

Book Dawg Sports has started taking pre-orders for its flagship product, the HW101, which is a basketball made with premium microfiber composite leather that is designed to give players better grip and last for seasons to come, according to the company.

“We believe in high standards and high quality—our ball is for people who are serious about improving their game,” Booker said. “I love the game and continue to play and coach, so I know firsthand that no matter how talented you are, it requires an investment in the best equipment, time, and effort.”

The flagship product was named HW101 to stand for “Hard Work 101,” serving as a reminder of the dedication it takes to succeed, Black Enterprise reports.

To learn more about HW101 basketball retailing for just under $80, visit their website.

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