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Making ‘Artificial Intelligence’ work for your career

If understanding technology during a pandemic wasn’t already enough, now add the consideration of figuring out how artificial intelligence works and why anyone dealing with strategic planning needs to become familiar with its properties.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed as a result of big data. The data collected needed to be understood. As analysts noticed patterns, it formed a new measurement. All types of organizations that seek to know how to serve their clientele best, develop their products, and have a competitive edge use AI. It’s estimated that the need to understand how to utilize it will grow in the coming years. Its use can accelerate a company’s growth vastly.

AI has different aspects to consider when branching into its field, analytics, biases, and purpose. It’s important to know what to count and what to weed out. All data isn’t useful but may expand considerations for unveiled strategies in previous research, and the only way to know you’re using the right platform is to examine or experiment. Some may think such technology would eliminate jobs. Instead, it creates more jobs by highlighting the areas needing attention and identifying a need for future solutions.

Use AI to your advantage.

Become an expert. Figure out the applications that focus on the programmatic needs of the entity and help it evolve (i.e., fundraisers, studies, predictions, and practices). The collection of data will continue changing industries across the board. SHE Virtual Academy offers courses required for obtaining the skill set to become a certified AI specialist. Courses cost less than $500 and can yield a salary upward of $80K and beyond. Most people are unaware of how such little investment and little time can provide such significant dividends. The best part about it is there’s no unique skill level required to work in this field.

Have the mindset that you want to do it. Once you know you want to delve into the specialty of AI, don’t delay. Start learning in as many ways as possible. Listen to podcasts, take courses that will allow you to become fluent, and develop a foundation for acquiring the necessary skills employers will seek. Join the industry’s association and be in the know of what’s coming down the line. Its development is not going to diminish in the next 10-20 years. It’s fair to say it will continue branching out into additional paths for data to become understood.

Seek opportunities ahead of time. Always be out in the community, building your network, and know where you can specialize in its use. If one were to consider the entertainment industry, filmmakers use AI to understand how viewers watch television shows, films, and theatrical plays to identify when, where, or what age group is watching them.

Marketing agencies use AI for social media to create ads, follow interest groups, and to improve the platforms. The list goes on and on. So, the next time you consider enhancing your career or company, examine how you can incorporate AI into your plans. You’ll be glad you did, because it will save you a lot of manual calculating.

Appeared first in the New Pittsburgh Courier by Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty

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