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ORS CARES Relief Fund For Hairstylist and Salon Owners

As appeared first in the Michigan Chronicle

ORS™ Haircare has launched ORS™Cares with a $100,000 starting investmentORS™Cares a multi-tiered support initiative conceived to benefit black hairstylists and salon owners nationwide who’ve suffered losses owing to the COVID-19 crisis, and the ongoing social unrest from city to city.

Announced on the 2020 Juneteenth independence holiday, the initiative includes the ORS™Cares Relief Fund, established to aid licensed hair professionals with grants, which can be used for any purpose. ORS™Cares will also provide charitable product donations and contributions to select black community organizations. ORS™Cares is a significant step, among others, that ORS™Haircare has taken to show its support to black industry practitioners. It is a sense, and spirit of commitment that runs company-wide.

“For more than two decades now in the business of beauty, ORS™Haircare has honored and respected the unique struggle of black hairstylists and salon professionals—and they’re in our thoughts especially at this challenging time,” the company said in a statement. “But beyond merely the struggle of being independent businesspersons, giving back is also who we are as a company. It’s what we stand for, and in extraordinary times like these the onus is on all of us to invest in each other and lift each other up, and that’s what ORS™Cares is really all about. If we don’t do it, then people get left behind.”

Through the ORS™ Cares Relief Fund, ORS™Haircare will provide grants to licensed, salon-based hairstylists across the U.S. to help ease the strain and pressure on those who’ve been unable to work owing to the pandemic, or from any rioting effects.

Prospective applicants interested in assistance from ORS™Cares must visit the website, at and complete the application therein to apply.

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