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(BlackPressUSA)—Wells Fargo is committed to providing the information necessary to help address your unique financial needs and concerns, starting with the tools and resources to find relief. Wells Fargo is committed to providing information necessary to help address your unique financial needs and concerns, starting with the tools and resources to find relief. How can I protect my credit report if I can’t keep up with my loans? The best way to protect your credit report is to make arrangements directly with your lender. Try asking your bank/lender about

As appeared first in the Chicago Defender By Sabrina Catlett The school year is ending, and Chicago families are preparing for a long summer. The pandemic emphasized the gravity of the digital divide and technological ineffectiveness in the current educational system. Moreover, many families were able to monitor their students’ learning more closely and found that the systems in place in many schools were not challenging enough. One mother opposed her school’s quarantine grading policy, which excused all students for missing assignments. “If I don’t come to work, I

As appeared first in the Chicago Defender By Paula Shelton Though the declining number of positive COVID 19 test is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, we cannot get lax in the precautions we take to keep ourselves and those we love safe. Therefore, when planning to hang out with the girls, consider taking the following suggestions to ensure you are safe while still having a great time. The Guest List Not everyone followed the safety precautions, so it might be smart to vet your guest list. Do you have

As appeared first in the Michigan Chronicle By Andre Ellington “To be young again” is a quote that many Baby boomers and Generation X members use to laminate their younger years. While some things have changed over the years, some things remain stagnant, with substantial resistance to change. Let us use corporate America for example. To be successful before 1976, the requirements include: * 40-hour workweek * Company car * Decent house * Pension and retirement fund Elders may have the current technology needed to communicate, but their mentality is outdated like a plastic-covered couch. What

To help fund our continued coverage of the coronavirus impact in our community, Real Times Media has been selected to receive a Facebook Journalism Project COVID-19 US Local News Relief Grant in the amount of $100,000. A multimedia company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, RTM delivers quality news, events, and entertainment for African American audiences via a diverse portfolio of brands including, Who’s Who in Black, Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, AtlantaDailyWorld.com, ChicagoDefender.com, the Michigan Chronicle, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and RTM360°. During the coronavirus outbreak, we remain committed to

As appeared first in New Pittsburgh Courier Skin is the largest organ in the human body. It helps to regulate body temperature, boosts body immunity and provides sensation. It is our body’s first barrier against disease and infection. As such, it is important to remember to protect skin and keep it healthy. Protecting skin includes keeping it moisturized, seeing a dermatologist for any concerns and using sunscreen. One of the most basic ways to protect skin is to be aware of sun exposure. Though sunlight can feel good, uplift

As appeared first in the Michigan Chronicle By AJ Williams, Managing Editor The COVID-19 pandemic is crippling and toppling many U.S. small businesses. Often called “the backbone of the economy,” small businesses that are managing to survive face an uncertain future. As states start to reopen, consumer spending is in steep decline while unemployment skyrockets and many people remain hesitant to venture out. But RJon Robins, founder/CEO of How To Manage A Small Law Firm says some entrepreneurs find their businesses in trouble because they had the wrong mindset toward customers all

As appeared first in the Chicago Defender By LaToya Wright Hearst Magazines has officially named Harper’s BAZAAR‘s first Black editor in chief in the publication’s 153-year-old history. Beginning July 6, Samira Nasr will be overseeing content strategy and development across the brand’s print and digital platforms in her new role as the U.S. edition of Harper’s BAZAAR, editor in chief.  The title’s U.S. edition leadership move comes less than a week after the Hearst announced a fundraising effort for organizations fighting racial injustice. The publisher has said that it will match and double

As appeared first in New Pittsburgh Courier Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Leading educator and recognized expert in advance care planning, Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson, urges a major push in preparing advance healthcare documents for Black Americans, especially now during the protests happening simultaneously during a deadly pandemic. The Black population in the United States has been hardest hit with fatalities due to COVID-19. Now, with protests and riots happening all over the country in protest of the death of George Floyd by four Minnesota police officers, young and old alike

Flagstar Bank has named Reginald Davis President of Banking. Davis is a 35-year veteran of the banking industry who most recently served as head of business banking, including small business, at SunTrust, now Truist. Davis brings to Flagstar an extensive background in banking. Besides additional experience at SunTrust as a retail market executive, he also served as president of RBC Bank USA, the domestic banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada, and as a senior executive and member of the operating committee for Wachovia (now Wells Fargo