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Buying Black: Is it a trend or Something We are Committed to Doing?

As appeared first in the Chicago Defender
By Elizabeth Lampkin

Across the country, people intentionally celebrated Juneteenth.  While these and other events are happening, black-owned businesses have received a massive amount of support. This is a fantastic turn of events for black business owners. However, is buying black a current trend and if so, how long will this surge of support continue?  Many people have decided to buy black to combat racism, increase the black dollar, and rebuild a stronger sense of support for black communities.

These actions are long overdue and must continue to transform more green to black. During the weekend of Juneteenth, people across the nation hosted Black Business Parades, where people were encouraged to patronize or donate to black businesses in their areas. While this is a start, one-weekend or a few weeks of orders may not be enough to make a consistent change in black currency for black business owners and communities. If you are wondering why it is important to support black business and how to stay committed to it, check out the list below:

How to Stay Committed to Buying Black

  1. Patronize any reputable black-owned business as much as possible. Whether it is online or in-person, make it your business to support a black-owned business.
  2. Let us strive to make Juneteenth, or the Friday before depending on when it falls on the calendar, Black Friday where we buy black all day.
  3. Promote at least one black-owned business once a week on your social media pages or by word of mouth. If you know about a great product or service, positively spread the word about them!
  4. Provide each business you support with constructive feedback, not complaints. Often, businesses are accused of high prices and poor customer service. When this happens, we tend to shy away from them and take our time and money elsewhere, but eventually, go back to them because they have something we want. When this happens with a black business, you want to support, respectfully express your opinion, and give them another chance. If you do not see any change, then find another black business that renders the same service or sells the product you are looking for.
  5. If you have a terrible experience with one black business, do not put them all in one negatively, indiscriminate group. Each business or product deserves a fair and unbiased chance to prove itself.
  6. Do your research. Find out how many black-owned businesses are in your neighborhood and search for products or services beyond the traditional black market.

Why We Should Support Black Business

  1. Black businesses celebrate and expose the beauty of black culture.
  2. Black businesses create jobs and revenue for their communities.
  3. It will reshape the narrative and way of thinking about how black people support each other.


It is a beautiful thing to see major corporations and everyday people uplifting black-owned businesses. Still, if we genuinely want to close the racial wealth gap, we must ensure that the support of black businesses becomes a movement and not a moment in time. What black-owned business have you supported today?

Liz Lampkin is a Lifestyle, Love and relationship writer who advocates for single women to Live Happily Ever Present. Connect with her on social media, liz_lampkin

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