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Danielle Jeter Takes Media and Marketing Seriously, Expanding Opprtunities for Women

Corporate branding strategist and media and marketing expert, Danielle Jeter was front and center at the Black Enterprise; ‘s Disruptor conference held earlier this summer in Atlanta. The Spelman college alum and founder of AOI Events & PR providing a bevy of professional skills and services including; public relations, event production and marketing, brand consulting and social media strategy development to corporate and municipal clients in the robust Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami, FL markets.

A seasoned and savvy communicator, Jeter also helped found the non-profit Women In Media Global and has served as WIM’s president and visionary officer directing the organization’s efforts to empower women in the media and entertainment industries while emphasizing the need for a more inclusive industry that values diverse perspectives and promotes gender equality.

In an exclusive interview, Jeter spoke with the Atlanta Daily World regarding established and potential partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations to identify and provide opportunities for women media professionals.

“Our flagship service is media relations, and building personal brands. And I’ve also done a great deal of coaching as well. So coaching, other business owners, and also even executives on how to actually increase their random visibility, their notoriety, so that they can increase their trust factor in business,” explained Jeter.  “So we have done a series of campaign publicity campaigns over the years with helping our clients who earned media. Now earned media has turned into a lot of pay-to-play media. So we’ve done both of those. And we’ve done a lot of events and public relations as well. I’ve worked with nonprofits, other businesses, other people who are building personal brands, e-commerce brands, lifestyle brands, beauty brands, and politicians,” added the media entrepreneur.

Jeter’s work with corporations to increase and improve visibility in their respective communities has ultimately led to the creation of key partnerships with corporate partners and a diverse array of sponsorship opportunities.

“WIM had our 100 Distinguished Women tour which provided opportunities for us to do corporate sponsorships, and partnerships for our programs and initiatives with media partners. The tour is essentially us putting our talk show podcast episodes on the road which presents a whole new set of opportunities for advertisement and sponsorship of different episodes,” Jeter said. The popular nonprofit will also provide a fellowship program that will work at various high schools and HBCUs to make media provides available and accessible to students from grade school to college.