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Skylar Security is emerging as an innovative leader in the industry of privately-owned security companies by offering the next generation of services to customers in metro Atlanta and throughout the United States.
The reason for the firm’s success is its founder, Jamine Moton. She created a company that exceeds all aspects of industry expectations and has a mission to never become the problems it is called to solve. Skylar’s core belief is: Security is an emotion. Everyone deserves to be safe.

Its goal is to change how privately-owned security company customers are engaged and represented while simultaneously disrupting the culture of how officers are managed and recruited to protect those clients. Moton factors in each clients’ brand when matching them with Skylar personnel. As a result, Skylar has never lost a customer and has a 2 percent staff turnover rate. The company’s roster has grown from 30 to 450 guards, since being founded in 2015. Skylar also now operates in four states.

Moton’s approach to privately-owned security services has garnered her an unprecedented level of industry success. In 2019, she earned the Golden Ticket in the Atlanta-based WEI pitch competition. That sent her to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, Netherlands where she represented the City of Atlanta and business start-ups in the United States. Moton has demonstrated the ability to focus on success as a former professional athlete, police officer and Olympic team member. She holds a master’s degree from Clemson University and is a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Atlanta based Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and LaunchPad. Skylar Security is a boutique security company with technology that has world-wide applications.

Before founder, Jamine Moton, started the company she spent three years researching the industry. She learned that many people had poor opinions of security companies and the people who worked for them. The most common complaint involved quality. Clients complained about guards, guards complained about pay and working conditions. Moton began to build technology that addressed the problems while also regulating the infrastructure of her new endeavor. Then she added a twist. She based her entire program on referrals. She didn’t hire a guard or take on a client that didn’t have a reference.

Those changes immediately eliminated one of the biggest problems in her industry, high turnover for employees and clients. Skylar Security has a turnover rate of 2 percent and hasn’t lost a client in five years. Her technology was put to the test during Super Bowl 53. Skylar Security was hired to protect Mercedes Benz stadium and the Georgia World Congress Center. By the 2nd day on the job her company’s shifts were doubled. Super Bowl officials told her, “We don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s working.” At that point Moton knew she had a winning formula.
Moton operates with the understanding that security is an emotion and affects many of the decisions we make. Her goal is to lift the level of respect that most people have for the security industry and she plans to start that transition from her home base, right here in Atlanta, Georgia.