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Latoya Jordan, Attorney Turned Entrepreneur, Reveals How Marble Wines Celebrates The Brilliance And Resilience Of Women

With the 4th of July and countless other summer activities on the horizon, Marble Wines presents the ideal companion for wine lovers to savor while lounging by the pool or celebrating with family and friends.

Co-founded by Latoya Jordan, Marble Wines is a minority and women-owned company that believes in and celebrates the brilliance and resilience of women.

Latoya Jordan, an attorney by trade, ventured into the wine industry almost serendipitously. “Somehow or another, I got the reputation of being the fixer for my clients,” Jordan shared. One particular client wanted to start a wine label, leading her to tour vineyards and meet winemakers in California. “At the end of that project, I thought about the amount of work I had done to create something for someone else. So I decided to create something for myself,” Jordan said.

With her newfound knowledge, she reached out and found the perfect business partner in Brianna Shelko, a social media expert and award winning singer/songwriter. Their collaboration brought together their unique experiences and shared vision, resulting in the creation of Marble Wines. “We really wanted it to be very meaningful, especially as women from different backgrounds coming together,” Jordan said.

During an era marked by extreme division across the nation, Marble Wines offers a refreshing change. It stands as a shining example of how women from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds can unite and create something truly remarkable together.

Starting a wine business wasn’t without its challenges. Jordan faced regulatory hurdles, particularly with licensing. “The county was trying to tell me that I needed something the state said I didn’t need,” she explained. Leveraging her legal expertise and relationships, she navigated through the bureaucratic maze successfully.

Another challenge was getting traditional wine drinkers to accept their innovative approach, like using a clear bottle for their red wine. “We wanted people to see the beautiful color of the wine, which complemented the label so well,” Jordan said.

She added: “I’ve had plenty of older white gentlemen tell me ‘you need to put that in a green bottle.’ And me having to push back and say this was an intentional choice that we made based upon the product itself and the composition,” Jordan said.

Furthermore, one of Marble Wines’ core missions is to support and celebrate women. “We wanted to highlight what it looks like when women can come together and collaborate,” Jordan said. This mission is embodied in their product design. The wine bottle features a woman’s face with reflective glasses, allowing every woman who picks up the bottle to see herself. “There’s a literal and figurative representation that’s going on with the bottle,” Jordan noted.

Additionally, Marble Wines is gearing up for several exciting initiatives. They are partnering with brands that align with their mission, such as a campaign with Apple TV+ promoting a new show featuring Eva Longoria.

The company is also looking to expand into the California market and increase its presence at festivals this fall. “Right now, we’re exclusively online direct to consumer, but we want to get into brick-and-mortar locations,” Jordan said.

Marble Red, their flagship product, is designed to be versatile and approachable. It’s described as fruit-forward and velvety-smooth; a perfectly balanced wine with a luxurious taste.

According to Jordan, it’s not too sweet and not too dry, making it perfect for a variety of pairings. “You can have it with barbecue, pizza, or even chocolate-covered cherries,” Jordan recommended.

In the next five years, Marble Wines aims to introduce new varieties and continue partnering with artists and other brands that support their mission. “We want to have a more broad distribution and continue to celebrate women through our brand,” Jordan said.

Marble Wines is a celebration of women’s strength, collaboration, and creativity. As you enjoy your summer festivities, let Marble Wines be a toast to the remarkable women who inspire us all. Cheers!