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Sharon Tucker Makes History As First Black Mayor Of Fort Wayne

As the African American Mayors Association convenes in Atlanta for the annual conference, the AAMA will welcome a new Midwest mayor in its ranks. In a groundbreaking moment for Fort Wayne, Indiana, Sharon Tucker has been elected as the city’s new mayor. This marks a historic milestone as she’s the first Black mayor and the second woman to hold this position. News of her win was met with resounding approval from the local Democratic Party, signaling a new era of progress and inclusivity for the northeastern Indiana city.

According to reports from “ABC News,” the Fort Wayne Democratic Party expressed delight at having “Mayor Tucker at the helm,” highlighting her energy and broad support within the party. “Today, Mayor Tucker proved that she has the energy and support of our party, and we can’t wait to support her as she works to continue moving our community forward together,” the statement continued.

Sharon Tucker’s mayoral victory is scheduled to become official this week with her swearing-in ceremony. The Journal Gazette reported that it will be arranged by city officials rather than the Democratic Party. This significant step necessitates Tucker’s formal resignation from her current role as City Councilwoman for the 6th district, triggering a second caucus within 30 days to fill her vacant council seat. “I know that person exists, and I will be willing to support them in any way that I can to make sure that we keep our (eyes) on the prize in the 6th District,” Tucker said.

Reflecting on her win after two rounds of voting among seven candidates, Tucker delivered a stirring victory speech at the caucus on Saturday, April 20. “Now you’ve entrusted in me a heavy job, and it doesn’t weigh light on my shoulders,” Tucker said.

In outlining her priorities, Tucker underscored the importance of economic development, both downtown and within neighborhoods, as a catalyst for opportunity and growth. “When we invite economic development to our communities and support entrepreneurs from inside – it just helps strengthen our economy,” Tucker continues, “And a robust economy helps provide opportunities for everyone.”

Looking ahead, Sharon Tucker is focused on ensuring a seamless transition into office. She plans to collaborate closely with the existing staff established by former Mayor Tom Henry, who tragically passed away on March 28 after battling stomach cancer. Tucker has also expressed her intention to retain Karl Bandemer, the former deputy mayor who served as acting mayor, as a valuable member of her team.

As Fort Wayne prepares to embark on a new chapter under Mayor Sharon Tucker’s leadership, the city stands poised to embrace change, unity, and progress.

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