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Spreading the Wealth: Financial Expert Jacqueline Campbell Invests in Community, Next Generation

Motown native Jacqueline Campbell began her career in financial services when she was a teenager.

“My original entry into this industry was through the high school co-op program,” said Campbell. “We had an option during our senior year to do a work-study program. I signed up to work at Comerica Bank. Upon graduation, my internship was supposed to end, but I became so passionate about the financial services industry that they asked me to stay on as a permanent employee.”

From there, she never looked back. Soon after, her career took her to Chicago, where she developed at Bank One, now recognized as Chase Wealth Management. Campbell grew from associate to managing her own portfolio to eventually managing an investment team responsible for nearly two billion dollars in assets.

“It was definitely incredible for my career. With Chicago being a major market for financial services, it really just opened up the doors for me to have a lot more opportunity to take my skills to the next level,” said Campbell.

After 25 years of working in corporate America, Campbell decided it was time to come home and develop her passion project.

“Women and people of color represent less than three percent of the [wealth management] industry, a Black woman less than one percent. A big part of my work when I was in corporate America was fighting for making sure we were attracting, retaining, and engaging people of color. At some point, you have to take a step back and say I can continue doing this for someone else, or if we’re really going to make some changes, the best thing to do is to go take that leap of faith.”

Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management (ALPWM), a full-service advisory firm, launched in April 2021. ALPWM focuses on making the complex simple for both clients and advisors. They offer financial planning, investment management, and estate planning, among other services. Campbell operates as President and CEO.

“I wanted to make sure that we were headquartered and based back at home,” said Campbell. “Think about what has happened in Detroit from the time I left in 1999 to now in 2022. Lots of investment has come back to the city. I think the city is embracing different industries and businesses. I feel like it’s the best time in the world right now to be in Detroit.”

Another primary reason Campbell launched ALPWM in her hometown is to pay it forward and impact the next generation from the same community she grew up. She is actively working to jumpstart young Black people in the financial services field, similar to how she got her start.

“Obviously, we want clients…but I would be remiss if I leave this world and didn’t hire more Black people, young people, or women. That’s my mission,” said Campbell. “I was at a conference the other day and was the only Black person in the room. If it’s 2022 and we’re still not being represented or included in these rooms, then there has to be somebody bold enough to say I’ll raise my hand and do it.”

In addition to the ALPWM headquarters in the Renaissance Center, a satellite office is scheduled to open this summer on Ferry Street in midtown. Being near Wayne State University, Lewis College of Business, and the College of Creative Studies, Campbell is looking to go right to the source to recruit for ALPWM’s upcoming apprenticeship program.

“We’re going to go after young people and get them licensed and certified to be able to be fiduciaries in this business… We’re going to create six-figure jobs and seven-figure net worths and change the true trajectory of the wealth gap.”

For more information on how to get involved with ALPWM, visit

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