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Digital women empowerment course “The Pink Pill” passes $1 million in sales

Black entrepreneur Christelyn Karazin has launched a digital empire with her online courses developed specifically for the empowerment and advancement of black women. Her series of digital courses, The Pink Pill, has surpassed $1 million in sales revenue less than two years into the launch of her original flagship course.

The Pink Pill, The Pink Pill For College and The Pink Pill For Business are comprehensive online courses developed by Christelyn Karazin and a team of advisory experts that leverage digital platforms, providing guidance on how to succeed, whether a woman is on a date, at a social function, on her college campus, or in the boardroom. The curriculum of each course includes video modules, workbook assignments/self-assessments, and written outlines. The course also includes access to Karazin’s exclusive online community of black women who are benefitting from her courses. Black women from all walks of life, including celebrities, are “Pink Pilling” themselves and raving about the emotional, spiritual and practical benefits of Karazin’s courses.

According to Karazin, the premise of The Pink Pill was born when she, herself, realized that black women have a cultural experience all their own, apart from women of other groups, and as such, need their own community and their own set of rules to help them win in all areas of their lives. Heard of the ‘90s New York Times bestselling book, The Rules? Well, The Pink Pill is “The Rules” for black women.

Christelyn Karazin’s flagship course guides women in mastering etiquette, making a killer first impression, honing effective communication skills, verbal and non-verbal social-emotional cues, and achieving success among diverse social populations and ecosystems outside the black community. These are what Karazin refers to as “the softer skills of powerfully feminine women who can slay the room in any racial, ethnic, and socio-economic social or professional setting.”

Karazin’s recently released course The Pink Pill For Business ushers black women right past the racial and cultural glass ceiling that she says have held so many talented women back for too long. “The Pink Pill For Business delves into the fine points and crucial dynamics that can make or break a woman’s career; whether she’s a solo entrepreneur, a small business owner, climbing the corporate ladder, or getting her foot in the door.”

Just like its original, The Pink Pill, Karazin’s second course, The Pink Pill For Business, is not sugar-coated fluff, and no detail is spared. “As women of color and minorities, I dissect what has traditionally not worked for us, professionally, and how we can finally start winning,” explains Karazin.

Karazin points out, “Black women are under tremendous pressure to be culturally ‘bilingual.’ Social norms that are perfectly acceptable within our own community can often hurt us when we are operating out in the world among other cultures. I teach black women how to successfully navigate these waters.”

Christelyn Karazin’s Pink Pill courses are on track to earn more than $3 Million in total revenue by the second quarter of 2021

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Appeared first in Atlanta Daily World

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