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Global Business Summit Brings Ghana’s Ambassador to Detroit

Her Excellency, Ambassador Hajia Alima Mahama of Ghana, recently visited Detroit for a Global Business Summit. The event, themed “Discovering Ghana’s Golden Opportunities,” was organized by Detroit Equity Incorporated. Dr. Adrienne Booth Johnson and Attorney Joe Johnson, both of Infinity Global Connections, helped facilitate the event.

The goal of the summit was to connect Detroit businesses with public and private entities in Ghana in need of goods and services. The event was the brainchild of Bishop Edgar Vann, CEO of Detroit Equity Inc., and Ambassador Mahama. The two expressed a mutual interest in advancing business opportunities between Detroit and Ghana. Ambassador Mahama stated that she was quite impressed with a city she has nicknamed “The D.” Her Excellency also expressed how welcomed and at home she felt in Detroit.

“Detroit Equity Inc. wants to drive equity by insisting on opportunity from majority corporations and by creating opportunities for us and by us,” stated Bishop Vann when asked about the motivation to spearhead this event.

“It was clear from the inception of this event that we wanted defined, measurable outcomes,” said Attorney Bertram Marks, COO and General Legal Counsel of Detroit Equity Incorporated. Attorney Marks went on to state: “We (Detroit Equity Inc.) will function as validators of the progress this partnership creates. We will track the type, amount, and number of contracts awarded to Detroit businesses. We will also evaluate and report on those deals which do not materialize and why. Lastly, we will function as conveners, introducing capable businesses to entities in Ghana in need of goods, supplies, and or services.”

In conjunction with creating business opportunities for suppliers and service providers, Detroit Equity Inc., and the Ambassador’s office have immediately begun the process of developing a student and intern exchange program.

Citing 1.4 billion consumers and a combined GDP of $3.4 trillion, Mahama said “Ghana also has a need for talent as our economy grows at an enormous pace” during her address to attendees.

During the summit, sponsored in part by Bedrock, Skillman, DEGC, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Huntington Bank, Ambassador Mahama encouraged attendees to abandon old, stereotypical notions of Africa as a whole and Ghana in particular. “We are a very stable democracy, and we are open for business.”

DEGC President and CEO Kevin Johnson, a featured speaker at the summit, declared that the DEGC would begin the process of creating a “sister city” relationship between Detroit and Accra, the capital and largest city of Ghana.

The summit covered a range of topics including regulatory requirements for doing business overseas, navigating cultural and language barriers, and a panel discussion featuring Eve Lerman, Senior International Trade Specialist with the United States Department of Commerce. Lerman moderated a discussion with business leaders W.E. Da’Cruz and Richard Digue. Both Da’Cruz and Digue conduct business in Ghana and other countries around the globe.

Marks encouraged attendees to “stay tuned” as Detroit Equity Inc. plans to report out on the progress of the Ghana-Detroit partnership regularly as deals develop.”

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