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Mastering Self-doubt

By Lindsay Keener

We’ve all heard the saying “you are your own worst enemy” a time or two in our lives. Whether it’s a result of making a poor decision against your better judgment or repeatedly struggling to succeed at a certain task, you’re sure to have come across the enemy of self-doubt in your past. Below are six tips to help you master self-doubt and embark on a new journey.

Cultivate a strong village

Life’s battles can be easier to navigate when there are people around to help you fight them. In the case of mastering self-doubt, many are of the belief that overcoming internal struggles is meant to be handled alone. This is often due to fear of embarrassment or the idea that it’s not their responsibility to help.

Friends and family exist for reasons outside of having someone to do things with. They are also around to extend support in times of need. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or a burden; if anything, it makes you human.

Speak life into yourself 

Words of affirmation may not be your love language, but they certainly do come in handy. When’s the last time you talked to yourself like you would a loved one? Being kind isn’t solely reserved for the people you surround yourself with, it’s just as important to have grace with the one person you see every day: you.

For some, this is easier said than done. The good thing is there’s no rush. One positive thought a day is enough to get you on track and starting a new way of thinking. The domino effect is a powerful thing.

Mind over matter

You are not your thoughts. More times than not, internal dialogue is intensified by our emotions instead of logical facts. Self-doubt is best attacked by reminding yourself that while your feelings matter, they aren’t entirely true. In need of some good news? You have the control; your feelings are a direct response to what you think about.

Record your wins. Big or small

As humans, we tend to forget to celebrate the little victories. This is commonly magnified by social media culture and society’s need to out-do the next person. A victory is still a victory no matter how small. It’s also important to factor in that the weight of an accomplishment is based on perspective. Take a spare journal and record the little moments that bring you joy throughout the day. You’ll be surprised how many things you do well or what people admire about you.

Find new strengths 

Many of our fears are based on previous experiences that have no real basis in the present moment. In order to form new points of reference, you have to take chances. Taking action towards new goals is a direct way you can confront intrusive thoughts and form fresh thought patterns.

Realize that failing is a part of life

Accept the fact that you are human and you’ll make mistakes. Obstacles allow for moments of necessary growth that cannot be achieved if everything always goes according to plan. Remember to have mercy with yourself and understand that running into moments of self-doubt is normal. Time is on your side.

As appeared first in Michigan Chronicle.

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