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By Lindsay Keener We’ve all heard the saying “you are your own worst enemy” a time or two in our lives. Whether it’s a result of making a poor decision against your better judgment or repeatedly struggling to succeed at a certain task, you’re sure to have come across the enemy of self-doubt in your past. Below are six tips to help you master self-doubt and embark on a new journey. Cultivate a strong village Life’s battles can be easier to navigate when there are people around to help you

by Kelly Washington Plants and gardens provide consolation to many Black people who are experiencing some mental trauma attributed to the duality of COVID-19 and the cumulative effects of racism. The weight of both of these events on one’s mental health can be immeasurable and can take an emotional toll. While plants alone may not be the only remedy for mental health, having plants around can decrease anxiety levels and may reduce physiological and psychological stress. Plants have a calming effect on the mind, body, and soul. As