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Media Girls Network Celebrates Women Making History With ATL Social

Media Girls Network hosted its highly anticipated Women Making History ATL Social event at Atlanta City Hall, bringing together a diverse array of women from all facets of media to celebrate their achievements and contributions.

Among the distinguished honorees were author and TV personality Tameka Raymond Foster, co-host of the “Big Tigger Morning Show” Jazzy McBee, creator of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Princess Banton Lofters, and radio and TV personality Brii Renee. They were all recognized for their remarkable strides within the media landscape.

The event, curated by Media Girls Network founder Jelisa Raquel, aimed to center around the empowerment of women and girls. Providing a platform for networking, collaboration, and celebration. In an exclusive interview, Raquel shared her thoughts on hosting events like this, expressing her excitement about witnessing the connections and relationships that blossom among attendees.

“My favorite part about hosting events like this is that I get to see the women that meet and connect here,” Raquel said. “I’ve seen so many relationships blossom from the events that I’ve curated. Seeing other women who get to connect and win together, that’s the whole purpose.”

The event also featured a lineup of inspiring panelists and speakers, including reality tv star and artist Amy Luciani, entertainment manager Danielle Jackson, Six Figure Spa Chick CEO Candace Holyfield Parker, media personality Kris Kaylin and CEO of the TLJ Agency Tiara Larae. 

In addition to honoring trailblazing women, the Women Making History ATL Social marked a significant milestone for Media Girls Network with the launch of Media Girl Magazine. Raquel expressed her pride and excitement about this endeavor, highlighting the importance of creating a platform that celebrates and uplifts women in the media industry. 

“I’m really excited for tonight,” Raquel said. “Creating something for us because we’re in a very thankless industry and we’re oftentimes overlooked. So for me, continuing to carve out spaces and celebrate people that they overlook is what I’m all about.”

Reflecting on the evolution of the Media Girls brand, Raquel expressed her vision for the future, emphasizing its expansion into a global entity dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black and Brown women in media.

“Media Girls Network is going to become a global brand,” Raquel stated. “We’re going to continue to put more Black and Brown women behind the camera and in front of the camera so we can shape our own narratives.”

Overall, the Women Making History ATL Social event was a true testament to the power of community and collaboration when women join together. As Media Girls Network continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to empowering women and reshaping the narrative surrounding Black women in media. 

“I really want to change how certain media portray Black women and the narrative that they portray about us,” Raquel said. “I want to combat all the negative images of us on the internet by putting more women like me in those positions and in those spaces.”