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Shannon Dulin Appointed Senior Director of Comcast Community Impact to Enhance Philanthropic Efforts Across 13 States

Comcast has elevated Shannon Dulin to the position of Senior Director of Community Impact for the company’s Central Division, entrusting her with the leadership of philanthropic strategies and initiatives within 13 U.S. states, including her home state of Michigan. Dulin, who brings nearly two decades of experience in community investment and development, is celebrated for her profound understanding of community needs and her ability to forge impactful connections.

In her new capacity, Dulin is set to oversee the strategic planning and implementation of Comcast’s community engagement efforts across all four regions of the Central Division. Her role involves close collaboration with non-profit organizations and community groups, steering foundation grants, charitable contributions, and spearheading local investment initiatives to foster meaningful community development.

“Shannon has an innate ability to look at the needs of a community and find the connection points of where we can create the most impact,” remarked Michael Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at Comcast Central Division. He expressed enthusiasm for Dulin’s promotion as a means to amplify the significant work she has already accomplished in partnership with communities in Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky.

SaTrice Coleman-Betts, Executive Director of St. Patrick Senior Center, praised Dulin’s vital contributions to Detroit, particularly her efforts to enhance digital access and equity for seniors and the broader community. “The City of Detroit would not be the same without Shannon’s consistent and focused efforts,” Coleman-Betts stated, highlighting the potential for other communities to benefit from Dulin’s dedication to service and excellence.

Previously, Dulin served as the Director of Community Impact for Comcast’s Heartland Region, where she effectively bridged corporate and nonprofit resources to uplift communities. She has been instrumental in driving initiatives aimed at expanding digital skills education and has been a pivotal figure in the execution of Project UP, Comcast’s ambitious $1 billion commitment to advancing digital equity nationwide.

Dulin’s career with Comcast has spanned various roles in community and government affairs, including positions as External Affairs Manager in Detroit and Savannah, Georgia. An active member of the community, she serves on several boards and is a committed mentor with the Midnight Golf Program. Dulin’s academic credentials include a master’s degree from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, supplemented by leadership training in Detroit, Savannah, and Southeast Georgia.

Shannon Dulin’s elevation to Senior Director of Community Impact at Comcast marks a significant milestone not only in her illustrious career but also for the communities poised to benefit from her expansive vision and unwavering commitment. With a rich tapestry of experience woven over nearly two decades, Dulin’s track record of fostering digital equity, enhancing quality of life, and building sustainable community partnerships stands as a beacon of transformative leadership. As she embarks on this new chapter, her profound impact on the fabric of community development is expected to resonate even more broadly, heralding a new era of innovation and inclusion across the Central Division’s diverse landscapes.

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