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The Heights Movement Continues Advocacy Efforts to Relocate Cincinnati Police Department Gun Range from Lincoln Heights Carlton R. Collins, an esteemed historian, entrepreneur, activist, and co-founder of The Heights Movement, is leading the charge for change in Lincoln Heights, Ohio. As the first Black-incorporated city in America and the oldest Black-operated municipality north of the Mason-Dixon line, Lincoln Heights boasts a rich history of resilience and community empowerment. The Heights Movement, a 501c3 organization dedicated to economic development, education, and public health in Lincoln Heights, has been at the

Chan’tele Rountree, a celebrated dancer, dreamer, and champion for youth, is the founder of The D.R.E.A.M. Center, a youth-focused arts organization located in Tucker, GA, providing opportunities for young people to learn, create and thrive through dance in Gwinnett and Dekalb Georgia Counties. As a child, Chan’tele grew up in a suburb of PG County Maryland, where she found solace and inspiration in dance. Her passion and drive to share the transformative power of dance with others and give back to her community were fueled by her experiences.