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In a world where humans get conditioned to climb the ranks and work at their best, Black people are often missing from the conversation and not from lack of trying. The First female African-American all-around world champion and winner of the Most World Championship gold medals won by a female gymnast in history Simone Biles is arguably the greatest female gymnast. Despite consistently proving herself to be a force in her field, Biles is a Black woman who is currently fighting to get her just due.  In her new

When most people think of the saying “delayed but not denied,” it is regarding a specific, overdue outcome that was months or years in the making. It comes with feelings of gratitude and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. But what is joy when the lack of recognition is specific to a race of people? In recent weeks, the African-American community has experienced a series of historic firsts - winning national spelling bees to breaking athletic records. While the victories are sweet, they leave a bitter taste in the mouths

A casualty of nationwide shutdowns, little resources, and systemic racism, Black businesses have struggled greatly during the coronavirus pandemic and the battle for job security is far from over. What was originally thought to be a relatively short run-in with an unknown virus, quickly became a year-long disease that plagued a number of Black-owned businesses throughout the United States and beyond. With many Americans receiving vaccines and businesses opening their doors again, many are left wondering how the nation’s minority-owned operations are handling the world’s new normal.  Black businesses,

Coming off the heels of 2020, one thing is for certain: racism is alive and Black Americans are tired.  Last year’s pandemic allowed for a surplus of independent time that gave many people a chance to evaluate how life in America had treated them thus far. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahamud Arbury sparked nationwide outrage and relevant conversations surrounding the Black experience in neighboring regions.  The collective exhaustion is by no means a new feeling for a majority of the African-American community. Instances of racial

For Karla Trotman, legacy isn’t just a six-letter word for generational success - it’s a motivating force ignited by desires to inspire, uplift, and encourage the Black community to pursue goals normally deemed unobtainable. Trotman is the President and CEO of Electro Soft, Incorporated, America’s largest Black-owned electronics manufacturing and engineering firm. An origin story of family traditions and shared careers, Trotman’s journey into the business world began with a front-row seat to the thriving Pennsylvania-based electronics-manufacturing company. Established in 1986, Electro Soft is the brainchild of Trotman’s parents,