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The people who everyone gives up on are the ones who I’m drawn to.’ When you do good, it seems like good always comes back to you. Andrea Flack-Wetherald could have just let the deadline pass. She could have just turned on the TV, or scrolled through Facebook. Instead, she was determined to fill out a number of questions and even create and submit a video about how much Rev. Cornell Jones deserves the inaugural Fred Rogers Institute Helper Award. Flack-Wetherald, who no longer lives in Pittsburgh, described how, when she

Gwen’s Girls CEO touts early success of diversion program for Allegheny County youth Kathi Elliott, Ph.D., the CEO of inspirational nonprofit organization Gwen’s Girls,  was surprised as “all get out” when she was named the recipient of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Inspire Change Changemaker Award. The annual award is presented to an individual for their work in support of social justice in the Alleghany County region. The NFL franchise reserves the Changemaker Award for those making a difference in their community across Inspire Change’s four focus areas: education, economic advancement,

Affordable housing is a major problem in the City of Pittsburgh. Many African Ameri­cans who once lived in East Liberty, Uptown, the South Side Flats area and parts of the Central North Side have been uprooted, with sparkling, flashy new apartment developments that, if the developers had their way, would have all the units priced at mar­ket-rate. But in the words of Pitts­burgh Mayor Ed Gain­ey, the city's first Black mayor, "if you're coming to ask me for city subsidy, I'm gonna tell you what I need; I need

PITTSBURGH—The New Pittsburgh Courier has learned that the Board of Directors of DQE Holdings LLC (DQE) has appointed Kevin Walker as the new President and CEO of Duquesne Light Company (DLC), Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. and DQE. Walker succeeds Mark Kaplan, who had served in an interim role since January of this year. Kaplan has also served as chief financial officer and will retain that role throughout June, after which he will become special advisor to the company’s management and board of directors. Matthew Ankrum will assume the

For Karla Trotman, legacy isn’t just a six-letter word for generational success - it’s a motivating force ignited by desires to inspire, uplift, and encourage the Black community to pursue goals normally deemed unobtainable. Trotman is the President and CEO of Electro Soft, Incorporated, America’s largest Black-owned electronics manufacturing and engineering firm. An origin story of family traditions and shared careers, Trotman’s journey into the business world began with a front-row seat to the thriving Pennsylvania-based electronics-manufacturing company. Established in 1986, Electro Soft is the brainchild of Trotman’s parents,