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Born in Chicago and raised between Racine, Wisconsin, and the South Side, Dorri McWhorter was destined for leadership. Her passion for advocacy and communications started early. At just 11 years old, she wrote a letter to Santa Claus, urging him to “keep people safe!” showcasing her selfless concern for others. It was at this time that she discovered her love for numbers and desire to become an accountant. McWhorter’s unwavering focus paved the path to inevitable success, and she accomplished her dream of becoming an accountant, working in the

Entrepreneurship often comes to people later in life after they've explored various paths in high school, college, and beyond. But for Keeana Barber, it was different.  From the moment she entered this world until she could barely remember, the spirit of ownership coursed through her blood!  Witnessing her mother's resilience as a businesswoman navigating the world of fashion and art was inspiring and empowering. Despite the hustle, her mother remained steadfast in her pursuit of success.  Watching her mother balance ownership with raising a family fueled Barber's own aspirations.  Moreover, observing her