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Courtesy of Black Information Network More Americans are jumping in on the cryptocurrency train, including Black Americans and other people of color, according to a recent report from The Washington Post. Cryptocurrencies, commonly referred to as crypto, is offering opportunities for minorities usually disadvantaged through traditional financial systems. Struggles in the traditional finance landscape include bias from banks, venture capitalists, and other institutions that make it difficult for Black people to acquire or build wealth. For those not acquainted with what crypto is, here’s how reporters described it: “Cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain technology, a

By Megan Kirk COVID-19 caused a record drop in employment in 2020 that continues to spill into 2021. Though a large number of Americans lost their jobs across the country, millions more worked steadily to keep the economy and essential businesses afloat. Now, the same employees who have been praised for their sacrifice throughout the pandemic are experiencing exhaustion on a different level. Employers are enlisting the help of organizations to navigate the new found land of post-pandemic employment and prioritize rest and recovery for this class of