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Kenyon Bonner, a vice provost at the University of Pittsburgh, will join the University of Virginia as vice president and chief student affairs officer in January 2024. (Photo by Emily Faith Morgan, University of Virginia Communications) Kenyon Bonner, vice provost for student affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and a member of the New Pittsburgh Courier’s “Men of Excellence” Class of 2017, will step down from his position to become vice president and chief student affairs officer at the University of Virginia, the Courier has learned. Joseph J. McCarthy, Pitt’s

The people who everyone gives up on are the ones who I’m drawn to.’ When you do good, it seems like good always comes back to you. Andrea Flack-Wetherald could have just let the deadline pass. She could have just turned on the TV, or scrolled through Facebook. Instead, she was determined to fill out a number of questions and even create and submit a video about how much Rev. Cornell Jones deserves the inaugural Fred Rogers Institute Helper Award. Flack-Wetherald, who no longer lives in Pittsburgh, described how, when she

Gwen’s Girls CEO touts early success of diversion program for Allegheny County youth Kathi Elliott, Ph.D., the CEO of inspirational nonprofit organization Gwen’s Girls,  was surprised as “all get out” when she was named the recipient of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Inspire Change Changemaker Award. The annual award is presented to an individual for their work in support of social justice in the Alleghany County region. The NFL franchise reserves the Changemaker Award for those making a difference in their community across Inspire Change’s four focus areas: education, economic advancement,

New non-profit aimed at helping single parents attain a college degree Too often, there is a parent, usually a mother, who is pursuing that elusive four-year college degree, when things start to happen — not enough money for child care; the car breaks down; the house bills need to be paid, but so does tuition… That’s where the newly-formed Pittsburgh Scholar House wants to step in. And stepping in as the CEO of the non-profit is a person who’s no stranger to rebuilding communities — Diamonte Walker, Ed.D., the former

Affordable housing is a major problem in the City of Pittsburgh. Many African Ameri­cans who once lived in East Liberty, Uptown, the South Side Flats area and parts of the Central North Side have been uprooted, with sparkling, flashy new apartment developments that, if the developers had their way, would have all the units priced at mar­ket-rate. But in the words of Pitts­burgh Mayor Ed Gain­ey, the city's first Black mayor, "if you're coming to ask me for city subsidy, I'm gonna tell you what I need; I need

The Pitt Building On Smithfield Street Is Now Black-Owned By The Greenwood Plan, A Non-Profit, Whose Executive Director Is Khamil Bailey Imagine a building that’s Downtown Pittsburgh, that’s Black-owned, that’s actively trying to become a Black mecca of sorts, full of Black-owned  businesses and Black prosperity. Well, imagine no more. The New Pittsburgh Courier has learned that The Pitt Building, which takes up an entire block on Smithfield Street, from the Boulevard of the Allies to Third Avenue, has been acquired by the nonprofit organization The Greenwood Plan. The Greenwood

Two years down, and at least two more to go. Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey sat down with members of the New Pitts­burgh Courier editorial board on Tuesday, Jan. 23. The meeting inside the Mayor’s Office lasted for roughly 75 minutes. Mayor Gainey sat down the entire time during the interview. It might have been the first time he’s sat down that long since becoming mayor of a city that’s got 300,000 residents, and about as many issues. Over the next few weeks, the Courier will delve into the numerous topics