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By Megan Kirk The ever-growing racial wealth gap leaves little room for savings. As African Americans earn roughly 30 percent less than their white counterparts, putting away money for a rainy day can prove to be difficult. As African Americans age, financial stability becomes a major concern. Planning for the golden years is essential to survival of older generations, yet African Americans are falling behind. According to a 2021 study from Investopedia, more than half of African American households have no retirement savings at all. On average, white Americans

As appeared first in the Chicago Defender By Shera Strange There is a belief that the Melanin in Black skin naturally protects the skin from the sun and its UV rays, creating a barrier against the sun’s harmful effects, hence the saying “Black Don’t Crack.” On some level, this may be true. There have been conversations that Vitamin D and its lack thereof have played a role in surviving COVID -19 as it pertains to African Americans. One natural and cost-free way to get vitamin D is in the